• 50% of health outcomes can be attributed to the social determinants of health. Poverty in childhood can be a greater predictor of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in adults than later life circumstances and behaviour.

  • 1.4 million Canadians are unemployed. Temporary employment has increased by 23% since 1997.

  • 200,000 people are homeless in a year, costing the Canadian economy $7 billion annually.

  • 3.8 million people, including 1.1 million children experienced food insecurity in 2011. Close to 900,000 people rely on food banks each month.

  • 3-4 million people in Canada were poor in 2011. Despite numerous calls for action, we have no national plan to reduce and eliminate poverty.

ChewOnThis! 2015 is around the Corner: We need your help

We Need You to Help End Poverty in Canada.

This October, Dignity for All supporters will be taking to the streets for the third annual ChewOnThis! Campaign. This fall, ChewOnThis! will bring together hundreds of volunteers from food banks, schools, churches and local non-profits to bring attention to the almost 900,000 people in Canada that continue to rely on food banks each month.


DfA Calls on Premiers to Support National Anti-Poverty Plan

Today in St. John’s Newfoundland, Premier Paul Davis hosts the summer 2015 meeting Council of the Federation. In this meeting, Premiers from across Canada will take a moment to discuss issues that they consider priorities leading up to the federal election this fall.


Over 4,000 postcards call for an Anti-Poverty Plan

Widespread support for a National Anti-Poverty Plan

At a meeting on Parliament Hill, the Dignity for All campaign presented the All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus with 4,000 postcards calling for a National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada.