About The Campaign

Dignity for All is a multi-year, multi-partner, non-partisan campaign with a vision to create a poverty-free and more socially secure and cohesive Canada.

Dignity for All began in 2009 as a multi-year, multi-partner, non-partisan campaign with a vision to create a poverty-free and more socially secure and cohesive Canada.

Founders and Partners

 (formerly the National Anti-Poverty Organization) is an incorporated not-for-profit, non-partisan, member-based organization dedicated to the eradication of poverty in Canada.

 is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canada by shaping key public policy debates through research and analysis, publishing and public dialogue.

Other campaign partners and supporters include:

Anglican Church of Canada, Campaign 2000, Canadian Association of Social Workers, Canadian Federation of University Women, Canadian Public Health Association, Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Food Banks Canada, Food Secure Canada, Freedom 90 Union, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Right to Housing Coalition and YWCA of Canada. View the complete list of members (11,600+) .

We Need a Plan

Although everyone has a role to play in building this Canada –individuals, organizations, businesses, and all levels of government–it’s the federal government, with its particular policymaking, legislative, taxation and redistributive powers, that has an especially critical role. The Dignity for All campaign is therefore aimed primarily to achieve three federal policy goals:

First of all, we need the creation of a comprehensive, integrated federal plan for poverty eradication that complements the work of other partners, notably the provinces /territories and communities. This plan must be consistent with our international human rights obligations and focus on those who need it most and focus on meaningful community engagement. It must also include measures for review, accountability as well as measurable goals and timelines. It will comprehensively cover the following:

-     Income security

-     Housing and homelessness

-     Food security

-     Healthcare

-     Jobs and employment

-     Early childhood education and care

Legislated Action Required

Secondly, we ask for the introduction and implementation of a federal Anti-Poverty Act to eradicate poverty, promote social inclusion and strengthen social security: Inspired by similar legislation in other jurisdictions, this Act will ensure an ongoing federal role and responsibility for social development while demonstrating a lasting federal commitment for leadership and for accountability to citizens for results.

Ensuring Fiscal Capacity

Finally, we need as for the sufficient collection and allocation of federal revenue to provide social and economic security for all. In order to fulfill its role and responsibility to ensure social security generally, and to combat poverty specifically, the federal government must take action to guarantee sufficient, or “fiscal capacity.” The Dignity for All Campaign will promote public understanding of the link between the taxes Canadians pay and the supports and services we benefit from as a result. 

the model national anti-poverty plan document for more details!