Chew on This!

We know not everyone has access to digital technology and internet. We also know that some people prefer a physical piece of paper.

You can download and edit printable versions of the letter to MPs in multiple languages using the links below. If you are unable to print copies yourself, please complete the form below and we will send you printed copies free of charge. Feel free to add a personalized note to printed versions to make it more compelling to your local MP.

If you are printing or ordering multiple copies of the letter to distribute in your community, please consider keeping a list of names and postal codes of people who sign the letter. This helps us keep track of who and where our letters are reaching, which is important information when we meet with MPs and federal Ministers. We’ve included a couple pages for signatures and postal codes to help! You can scan and send them to the Dignity for All team when you’re done.

While sending mail to the House of Commons does not require postage, some people appreciate the offer of having the letters collected and mailed for them. This is another good way to keep track of how many letters are being sent.

Download the letter

English (.doc) (PDF)
French (.doc) (PDF)
Inuktitut (.doc) (PDF)

Order printed copies