We believe poverty is fundamentally a violation of people's rights and dignity. It is pervasive and systemic, but it is not inevitable.

October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Each year on this day, our annual Chew on This! campaign mobilizes people from across Canada to call for an end to poverty. As a coalition of community organizations, faith communities, and citizens, the Dignity for All campaign is calling on the Government of Canada to do what is legally and morally required to uphold and protect the rights of people experiencing poverty and other intersecting forms of systemic oppression in Canada.

Our Asks:

This includes, but is not limited to, people who are Inuit, First Nations, or Métis; Black or People of Colour; women, transgender, or gender nonconforming; people with disabilities; newcomers to Canada; people with precarious immigration status; people who are single; children and youth; people who are LGBTQQIA+; and people living in Northern and remote areas. These targets should meet or exceed the requirements of existing human rights obligations, including the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Sustainable Development Goals. Targets, methods for data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, as well as other accountability mechanisms should be co-developed with people and communities experiencing poverty and other intersecting forms of systemic oppression in Canada to ensure meaningful, equitable impact.

Engage in ongoing collaboration and consultation with people and communities experiencing poverty and other intersecting forms of systemic oppression (including children and youth in these communities) to evaluate and monitor the impact of existing laws, programs, and policies on their physical, mental, social, and economic well-being. Mandate the collection of data disaggregated by sociodemographic identities to better measure and understand the impact of government policies on poverty. Reallocate funding from systems that contribute to poverty and inequality and invest in those that close the gap between the rich and the poor. This should include funding for both universally accessible public systems (e.g. universally accessible, publicly funded health care, including pharmacare, dental care, vision care, mental health, and physiotherapy; childcare; education; subsidized housing; guaranteed basic income) and local, community-led strategies, paired with strong federal regulations and tax justice to ensure a more equitable distribution of wealth and power.

Take Action!

We believe that where there's a will, there's a way!

Ensuring that the political will is there is where you come in. Here are 3 ways you can help build the political pressure we need to end to poverty and inequity in Canada:

Write to Your MP

Join people across the country calling for justice for people in poverty. Send a letter to your MP letting them know you want action to end poverty in Canada. 

join the E-Rally

On Saturday, October 17, 1pm-2:30pm ET (10am-11:30am PT), we will hold a mass e-rally featuring a guest panel and inviting questions (not statements) from government representatives, as well as a coordinated social media action. A dial-in option will be available for those without internet access. English, French, and ASL interpretation will be available.

Write to Local Media

Let's change the conversation about poverty in Canada. Send a letter-to-the-editor to major newspapers in your community.  Use our online form to edit our letter and send it to local media outlets.

Webinar Series

Poverty is a complex, multifaceted issue that requires a comprehensive and intersectional approach.

In the week leading up to October 17, we will engage members of civil society and government representatives in a series of webinars, offered in collaboration with Leading in Colour and other partners, to dig deeper into issues, experiences, and recommendations related to poverty in Canada. These webinars will point people to our calls to action (letters to MPs, letters to local media, e-rally registration) and engage people from a variety of sectors in support of our shared goals.

At this time, our webinars are available in English only.

Next Steps

Following October 17, we will collect all the signatures of supporters and organizations who have sent letters to MPs and Ministers and send our letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland, a selection of Cabinet Ministers, and other party leaders requesting follow-up meetings to discuss our recommendations in greater depth.

We will also connect Chew on This! supporters who sent letters to their MPs with others in their ridings, cities, or regions to coordinate joint follow-up meetings.

We will welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ongoing collaboration in monitoring, evaluating, and increasing the impact of the Chew on This! campaign for future planning via surveys and conference call opportunities. A summary report will be made available afterwards.

The Dignity for All team wishes to recognize and thank the following people and organizations for their invaluable contributions and collaboration on this year's Chew on This! campaign:
Paul Bailey, Black Health Alliance; Leslie Campbell, FoodShare Toronto; Rachel Cheng, Food Secure Canada; Mona Duale, Nunavut Roundtable for Poverty Reduction; Serisha Iyar, Leading in Colour; Shalini Konanur, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, Colour of Poverty Colour of Change; Marie-Claude Manga, KAIROS Canada; Teika Newton, Climate Action Network - Réseau Action Climat; Carmen Ramirez, Forum for Intercultural Leadership & Learning; Emilly Renaud, Canada Without Poverty; Jonathan Schmidt, Canadian Council of Churches, Forum for Intercultural Leadership & Learning; Leila Sarangi, Campaign 2000; Jane Thirikwa, KAIROS Canada; Chrystal Waban Desilets, Blackbird Medicines.

Dignity for All is co-led by Citizens for Public Justice, Canada Without Poverty, and Campaign 2000.