Help Shape Canada’s Official Poverty Line!

The federal government launched its poverty reduction strategy, Opportunity for All, in August 2018. As part of the strategy, Canada will be adopting the Market Basket Measure (MBM) as the official poverty line.

Currently, the federal government has initiated a consultation on the MBM as part of a review and update to the measure. The results will have serious implications for people in poverty.

We urge our colleagues and partners to participate in Statistics Canada’s survey on the MBM.  The deadline to fill out the survey is January 31, 2019. The following document provides an outline of some of the systemic issues arising in the survey, along with some helpful guidelines as you submit your answers.

MBM Consultation Survey Tool


Add your input to make sure the MBM keeps dignity in mind!

3 thoughts on “Help Shape Canada’s Official Poverty Line!

  1. I would like to participate in the survey, but I can’t find the link. I found a lot of info and articles, but not the survey questions. Please send me the most direct link so I can add my answers.

  2. 4 years being homeless having cancer in my breast 3 lumps removed than bleeding out at a shelter with the help of women that where homeless themselves it took alot for me not to stay angry at canada for the lack of support money and save affordable housing and health care it once had in the late 90s
    One thing i can say things can change if people stand united and and ask the local city official to help
    I did just that and i feel PROUD and thankful that in a city as vast as ontario acity council showed me more compassion and respect due to there own many years of interaction with homeless women men children of all ages with different cultural backgrounds to prpare them for a better canadian living experience in future years to come

  3. This program is necessary to continue to capture the essence of Canada ?? and what being “Proud to be Canadian” truly means. We need ensure our own family, friends and even strangers have food and shelter…and a quality life.

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