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New resources available for the CPRS consultations!

Dignity for All has developed a series of one-pagers to help support and inform participation in the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS) consultations taking place now.

These one-pagers are based on the Dignity for All National Anti-Poverty Plan, which was developed through years of consultations with a broad range of social policy experts and people with lived experience of poverty.Dignity for All National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada

The resources outline the human rights approach to developing a national anti-poverty plan and what this must include. They also highlight six key policy areas that must be part of a national plan:


2 thoughts on “New resources available for the CPRS consultations!

  1. Reforms should be made to the safety net, in order to respond to today’s workforce reality. Welfare should include a three jobs choice to be chosen by the welfare recipient, and he should be granted minimum wage on signing of the agreement to participate in the ” workforce plan “. But he must show-up on request to meet his work agent and a potential employer, or if he fails to submit himself to the measure, he his given the established bracket prescribed by law. A work contract can be issued following the meeting and the new job occupant will ensure all to keep his job by acting accordingly. Deductions will then be made from the allowed amount of welfare until the full closure of the individual’s file with the agency, after the two weeks ” Bona Fide ” workplace trial. The participant must be willing to accept part-time or full-time jobs. The closing of the recipient’s file cannot take place if the recipient occupies a part-time or occasional/seasonal job. This suggestion could be made a law if examined and appropriately legislated.

  2. My desire is for every person have dignity and a place to live. Shelters do not count as housing.

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