Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultations

Learn more about the Government of Canada’s Consultation Process for a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy.

On February 13th, Minister Jean-Yves Duclos launched a consultation process for the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy. Dignity for All is encouraged to see that the federal government is moving forward in its commitment to develop a national anti-poverty strategy. We want to make sure these consultations are accessible and that both individuals and civil society organizations have a say in how the strategy is shaped.

Are you looking to take action and have your say in the consultations? If so, click here to find resources created by Dignity for All to inform and support engagement in the government consultations!

Please note that this information is intended to help spread the word about the existing government process and Dignity for All does not have a formal role in the government consultations.

2 thoughts on “Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultations

  1. I’m not sure how to join this “live” townhall – so for what it’s worth – any national effort, any strategy, any plan, any policy or any program developed to deal with poverty and its reduction or elimination – has to take a differentiated approach. It must acknowledge and specifically address the unique and different circumstances and lived realities of each of the historically disadvantaged and systematically marginalized groups in Canada – First Peoples, peoples of colour, single mothers, persons with (dis)abilities, LGBTQ community members, single adults, and youth – and the intersections of these ! So any federal initiative need track each of these groups over time – with appropriate data capture tools, techniques and templates – in order to determine and best ensure that all groups of people are in fact benefiting from any and all of the interventions – and doing do equitably !!

  2. Email me contact info.

    I know far too much about far too many poverty issues not even considered​ yet…


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